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The IVG Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy is the only sterile and non-sterile pharmacy dedicated to veterinary-only compounding in New England. Veterinarians and clients can feel confident that their prescriptions are being prepared by an experienced pharmacy team in a state of the art, purpose-built, compounding facility.

Our specialties include:

  • Traditional and non-traditional dosage forms
  • Collaborative medication management
  • Clinical and non-clinical consultation
  • Drug utilization review
  • Compliance counseling
  • Owner education.

Client consultations with our registered pharmacist are available. We encourage veterinarians and owners to discuss their medication issues, and rest assured that while creative solutions are available, only those that are efficacious in veterinary applications will be recommended or compounded. You can rely on our experienced, highly skilled pharmacy team.¬†Our commitment to quality patient care, collaboration, innovation and education informs our goal to serve as a valued partner in your patients’ or pet’s care.

Our specialized patient populations include companion animals, exotics, and wildlife from rescues, aquariums and zoos.

What is a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy?

A veterinary compounding pharmacy combines high quality, active pharmaceutical ingredients to create species-specific formulations, delivery systems and dosages of veterinary medications. Our registered pharmacist and your family veterinarian will work together to determine the dose and the most effective delivery system for your pet; e.g. capsule, flavored chew, suspension, solution, cream, suppository. The compounded drug will be created from the highest quality ingredients to meet your pet’s unique needs.

Among the benefits of compounding medications is the ability to tailor the delivery method to the pet: If a pet is unwilling to take bitter tasting liquid, the process becomes a struggle for the owner and the pet. If the same drug can be compounded into a capsule or a tasty flavored treat, neither the owner nor the patient is traumatized, and necessary medications can be administered without anxiety.

Benefits of Compounding Medications:

  • Formulations can be adapted for pets with food sensitivities, allergies or flavor preferences.
  • Customized delivery systems to alleviate owner stress associated with giving prescribed medications.
  • Continued access to discontinued or short-supply medications.
  • Tailored dosages for animals of all sizes and species, including:
    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Small mammals (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc)
    • Reptiles
    • Wildlife from Aquariums, zoos and rescue organizations.

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